Facial expressions may speak volumes in words left unspoken

Facial expressions may speak volumes in words left unspoken.

One study analyzing a firm’s highly committed and engaged workforce came to a startling conclusion: The topmost effective leaders were the ones who were also the happiest with their workplace and colleagues.

This fascinating revelation came about through the study of micro-expressions — those fleeting, but revealing indicators of how one feels towards a colleague or client.

The results of this compelling research beg the question: What are your facial expressions communicating to your staff in those moments in-between verbal conversations? Apparently a lot of data crucial to positive relationships is regularly exchanged through signals so slight, so fleeting, the average person is consciously unaware of this ongoing, silent interchange.

So what does this have to do with cultivating an attitude of appreciation? As it turns out, a manager’s “attitude of gratitude” has an amazing impact on affirming a positive work ethic. And we all share that same desire for affirmation. Your employees will thrive on the knowledge they are appreciated. That maxim is true for staff and clients alike.

That’s why a proverbial tilt of the hat to a highly valued staff member is invaluable for building a positive morale and a supportive work environment. After all that task is the prime directive for all business managers. These silent nuances that say “notice me” give a manager an excellent opportunity to build a trusted, collegial relationship with a valuable staff member.

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