The mark of a consummate professional

vision word on compassPurpose, integrity and transparency are the hallmarks of an ethical, effective business owner.

The expression of these things doesn’t occur happenstance. The cultivation of honorable qualities requires a highly disciplined approach. Those aspiring to the utmost in professionalism regularly practice those tenets both on and off the job. And they inspire others, too.

A steady, consistent management approach provides a calm, peaceful business environment. It is within those quiet spaces where a person’s inner strength and resolve spark moments of brilliance. Those moments of insight cannot happen in a chaotic environment.

Yet all too often we move through our practice and our lives too quickly. We miss those pregnant moments of opportunity to demonstrate our resolve and commitment to magnanimity. We lose those opportunities to coach and inspire another person.

In the world today, talk is cheap and words often flow freely, but gems of wisdom are relatively rare even among the best of us. Practicing the art of consistency and transparency provides the backdrop that reveals the inner mettle one possesses.

It all comes down to commitment: Do we support our team members? Do we take on the hard jobs without fear? In our professional practice, do we set the bar high? Do we aim for the best and not shrink back from the call of honor; the call of duty to our employees, our clients and others operating within our circle of influence?

Running a business or operating a practice is tough at times. But one’s work and contribution to an enterprise is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Step back and take a deeper look at your professional life. Don’t be afraid to test your mettle. Share ideas freely. And never stop believing in the pursuit of integrity.

It’s not about what you do for a living. It’s about who you are when the going gets tough.

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